How do I buy bitcoin with a credit card?

The process for paying for your order with credit card is quite simple.  We also provide an additional discount on crypto orders to help cover the associated fees.

1. At checkout, choose the bitcoin option and click 'Pay With Bitcoin'.

2. On the next page you will be given your total to send and the wallet address to send to, copy this down.

3. Head over to , Select your country of residence, choose USD for the currency and enter your order total from the previous step then click BUY.

3. Enter the BTC address you were given in step 2, Click the agree with terms toggle, then click Buy.

4. Complete the rest of the process entering your credit card info, etc.

*NOTE: If the timer on our checkout runs out before you complete the process, please contact us so we can make sure your payment gets credited to your order.

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